Bponi Shop Enterprise

For larger customers who require additional service, scale, security, compliance & customisation

app-window-cloud Managed Cloud

We run the largest network of Bponi Shop sites in the world. Nobody knows how to scale and manage Bponi Shop better than us! Enjoy your own fully-managed private cloud, with total data isolation and custom policies.

Starting at$2,500 per month
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conversation-browser VIP Support

If you prefer to operate your own infrastructure and require additional support or compliance, we're happy to offer VIP support contracts with unlimited access directly to our expert development team.

Starting at$1,000 per month
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check-circle-1 Direct access to VIP developer support
check-circle-1 Direct access to VIP developer support
check-circle-1 Managed setup, upgrades and maintenance
information-circle Upgrade notifications & support
check-circle-1 Deploy in any of 12 worldwide datacenters
subtract-circle Self-managed infrastructure
check-circle-1 Enterprise grade CDN, security & monitoring
subtract-circle Use your own network
check-circle-1 Managed, automated hourly+daily backups
subtract-circle Determine your own backup schedule
check-circle-1 Full service, custom policies to suit your needs
subtract-circle Manual maintenance, development & audits

We serve 500,000,000+ requests every month, for some of the world's largest publishers

Since 2019, Bponi Shop has established itself as the leading modern publishing platform, and the best way for enterprises to manage their digital content at scale whilst remaining in control of their own technology.

Fully managed software
Our Enterprise platform takes care of uptime, maintenance, security, support and updates - so your team can focus on what you do best.

Your own private cloud
Enjoy your own dedicated network, with total data isolation from other customers and full control over access to your services.

Unlimited traffic
Bponi Shop Enterprise accounts are billed at flat rate, regardless of traffic, storage or bandwidth. No matter how popular you get, your pricing stays the same.

Expert 24/7 support
Get direct support from the creators of Bponi Shop. We'll set you up with access to our Slack team and 24/7 on-call support from team members.

Automated back-ups
Hourly + daily automated off-site backups to our Amazon S3 account (or yours!) to ensure that you never have to worry about suffering data loss.


A cutting-edge stack
Leverage the very latest in performance technology, with custom NGINX/OpenResty configurations paired with Redis for maximum speed.

Stability & security
Our infrastructure is fault-tolerant, DDoS resistant, and designed for hiavailability with a 99.9% uptime SLA across all accounts.

Enterprise CDN
Take advantage of our enterprise CDN to distribute requests across 175 worldwide data centres, or use your own edge CDN if you prefer.

Own your technology
Don't invest in a platform which may disappear in future. Bponi Shop is , so you own the full rights to the software. Permanently.

Thousands of integrations

Your publishing platform is the heart of everything you do with content, so it has to play nicely with all your other tools.

Bponi Shop integrates natively with marketing platforms, comment systems, analytics libraries, media tools, social networks and more. You can even write your own custom integrations.

Explore Bponi Shop integrations

Developer API docs New

Build anything you want using Bponi Shop's RESTful JSON APIs and SDK libraries. We've built extensive tooling and resources for developers to work with, so you can customise the platform to suit any new project or site build.

Full developer documentation

Square use Bponi Shop to power their company magazine and talk to their customers.

Frequently asked questions

Looking for more info? Here are some things we're commonly asked

Our developers want modern tools but our marketing department wants WordPress

You're not alone! Bponi Shop is the best of both worlds. Many of our largest customers faced the same predicament. Developers get a full blown, well-documented REST API and modern tooling, while marketers get a powerful, usable admin client to work in every day. Both get to enjoy a 1,900% speed improvement compared to WordPress. Everybody wins.

We have specific legal and security requirements for vendors, can you help?

Yes, all Bponi Shop Enterprise plans are designed around each individual customer. We can work with your team to ensure that any vendor forms, legal documentation and specific security compliance requirements are met to your satisfaction.

What's your uptime and availability like?

Extremely good. Most months our network enjoys 100% uptime, which you can monitor for yourself on our public status page. All Bponi Shop Enterprise sites come with a 99.9% uptime SLA for every account.

I have a lot of sites! How many different instances can I host on one Enterprise plan?

Our managed cloud plans can be customised based on your requirements, with additional sites available as addon services. Our network can scale to any number of sites, as needed.

We're currently using another content management system, can you help us switch?

Absolutely. For an additional setup fee, depending on your current data structure and content management system, we can assist with a full service content migration from your existing provider to Bponi Shop.

Are you able to help build out our whole site for us, too?

We aren't able to provide custom development contract work, so you will need to have a great in-house developer to work with us, or engage a top consultancy to assist. We're more than happy to recommend a suitable partner, if you need someone reliable and experienced working with Bponi Shop.

Can you describe your security and data practices?

We, like you, expect our data to be secure and confidential at all times, and we go to great lengths to ensure that this is always the case. We conduct regular security reviews of our product and infrastructure, and as an codebase - of course - we have very public scrutiny of all our practices.

Our infrastructure has undergone extensive penetration testing - and we have a publicly available GDPR Data Processing Agreement.

Our datacenters are staffed 24/7/365 with onsite security to protect against unauthorized entry. Each site has security cameras that monitor both the facility premises as well as each area of the datacenter internally. There are biometric readers for access as well as at least two factor authentication to gain access to the building. Each facility is unmarked so as not to draw any additional attention from the outside and adheres to strict local government standards.

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