Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to make your site memorable and easy to find with a branded custom domain, then you can map any domain you own directly to your Bponi shop.

In Bponi Shop, each shop user has their own account details and password which can be reset or changed. Read more if you forgot your password or need to reset it!

Bponi Shop has a powerful visual editor with familiar formatting options, with full support for dynamic content, allowing you to add images, galleries, videos, embeds and code!

The post settings menu within the editor allows you to fully optimise your content. This is where you can add tags and authors, feature a post, or turn a post into a page.

Bponi Shop has a number of different user roles and permissions for your team for effective collaboration and shop management. Read more more about inviting your team to Bponi Shop!

Shop with Bponi Shop gives you full ownership and access to your content and data, with sensible JSON imports and exports available at any time. Find out more about imports and migrations!

Adding some design touches to your Bponi Shop can be done from the Admin page when logged in to your shop. From here you can add navigation and upload a custom theme.

Bponi Shop integrates seamlessly with all 3rd party analytics tools out there, and it takes just a few minutes to set up using the code injection feature in your shop settings.

How to update your Bponi Shop theme to use Members (beta) in place of the experimental Subscribers feature.