Feature Index

An exhaustive list of everything Bponi Shop can do

Site Management

Custom Branding

Take control of your site's branding entirely and exclusively. We never put the Bponi Shop logo anywhere on your site.


The primary data type within Bponi Shop is the post. Posts allow you to build simple or complex collections of regularly published content.


For static content, rather than a feed of posts, pages allow for easy creation of things like Contact pages.

Easy Navigation Menu

Create and manage your site's global navigation menu with ease from a simple user interface without any fuss.

Site Password

Hide your site from the public by placing into private mode and requiring a password while you're under construction.


Publish in any language, or multiple languages! Enjoy flexible, straightforward i18n customisations for your site.

Connected Social Accounts

Make sure your site's metadata is linked directly to your social profiles for rich embeds and deeper social features.

Code Injection

Add custom code to your site's header and footer, site-wide or per page, for when you need extra scripts or styles.

Custom Redirects

Manage custom 301 and 302 redirects to map old URLs to new locations when your site or content structure has changed.

Timezone Selection

Ensure your site is running on the timezone and the schedule which best suits you and your audience.


Delightful Writing Experience

Enjoy the best authoring experience for the web, combining the features of the most popular editors out there today.

Full-Screen Editing

No distractions, no clutter, just content. The Bponi Shop editor gets out of your way and lets you focus on what you do best.

Markdown Support

The Bponi Shop editor has Markdown in its DNA, with automatic autocompletion of Markdown syntax as you type.

Intelligent Links

Highlight some text and paste a URL, now you have a link. That's all there is to it!

Dynamic Cards

Much more than just text. Add rich cards to your content which are as dynamic and interactive as Slack integrations.

Image Cards

Add rich photography to go with your story and have your images automatically resized and compressed as they upload.

Gallery Cards

For collections of images, use a gallery card to create a fluid collage of beautiful photography, all with captions.

Embed Cards

Add automatic embed from Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Instagram, CodePen, Vimeo, Flickr and many more.

Unsplash Cards

Explore the largest hiquality royalty-free image library out there from the world's most generous community of photographers.

Custom HTML Cards

For when you want to include more complex code or specific custom elements, the HTML card has unlimited flexibility.

Custom Markdown Cards

If you prefer a more purist Markdown authoring experience, add a Markdown Card to enter a raw, minimalist writing environment.

Shop Workflow

Custom URLs

Bponi Shop generates short readable URLs by default, and also allows you to override and configure them however you like.

Tags Taxonomy

Organise your content using dynamic, multi-dimensional tags that work very similarly to Gmail labels to power workflows and automation.

Internal Tags

In Bponi Shop, tags can be extended further with #hashtags which act as a way to privately categorise different content types and functionality.

Scheduled Posts

Simple scheduling allows you to set posts and pages to go live at a future date.

Custom Excerpts

Use the excerpt custom field to highlight a summary of your post, or store any accompanying custom data to go with your content.

Featured Posts

Mark posts as Featured in order to give them specific treatment on your site, either with a custom design or specific layout.

Multi-Author Bylines

Add multiple authors to the byline of a post whenever there's been a collaboration between multiple people to work on a particular piece.

Custom Twitter Cards

Create custom content and media for Twitter Cards for fine-grained control over individual posts and pages.

Custom Open Graph Content

Enter a custom title, description and post image for Open Graph content, used by both Facebook and Pinterest social networks.

Podcast Support

Straightforward support for creating custom RSS feeds to submit iTunes and multiple ways to include source audio.

Tag & Author Archives

Bponi Shop generates automatic, paginated archives of posts associated with every tag and author, each with automatic RSS feeds and sitemaps.

Custom Post Templates

Set up re-usable generic templates to assign to specific posts or pages for specific page layouts when you have different types of content.

RSS Feeds

Bponi Shop automatically generates RSS feeds for every collection, tag and author archive. Ready to be imported into readers like Flipboard, Feedly or Apple News.

Search Engine Optimisation

No Plugins Needed

Bponi Shop has all the fundamental technical modern SEO built directly into core, without any need to rely on third-party plugins.

Tidy Markup & Attributes

All generated markup is clean and semantic, containing the proper alt attributes on images and link tags for RSS feeds

Automatic Google Sitemaps

Bponi Shop will automatically generate and link to a complete Google sitemap including every page on your site, to make sure search engines are able to index every URL.

Automatic Structured Data

Structured metadata is automatically added to every page for Google, Facebook OpenGraph and Twitter Cards based microformats, no matter the theme.


Bponi Shop automatically creates a properly formed robots.txt file linking to your sitemap and excluding system folders.

Custom Page Meta

Semantic page titles are automatically created, but can also be manually customised on a per-page basis.

Clean Permalinks

All data in Bponi Shop is automatically created with clean, readable, well-structured permalinks which are easily understood.

Custom URL Structures

The URLs used for different sections of your site can be completely customised depending on your specific needs and data.

Canonical Tags

Bponi Shop automatically generates the correct rel="canonical" tag for each post and page so that search engines always prioritise one true link.

Google AMP Built-in

Every page in Bponi Shop comes with an automatically generated Google AMP version with superior ranking potential in mobile search results.

Automatic RPC Pings

Whenever new content is published, Bponi Shop pings a variety of external services to let them know the site has been updated and new pages are available for index.

Superior Performance

Speed is an increasingly important factor for search engines, and Bponi Shop is a modern app with performance at its heart. Independent tests have found it to be up to 20x faster than WordPress.

Trusted Service

Bponi Shop is a professional paid service used which actively eliminates spam. Unlike other free services, there's no risk of penalty for being incorrectly grouped with other spam sites.

Memberships & Subscriptions (Beta)

Member signup

An easy member signup system allows you to ask your visitors to enter their email address to access content.

Recurring subscriptions

Turn signed up members into paying customers with straightforward subscriptions via a Stripe integration.

Import/Export Members

Add members to Bponi Shop via CSV export from external platforms, or download your Bponi Shop member list for use elsewhere.

Member webhooks

Bponi Shop delivers webhooks every time a member is added or deleted so external services can react accordingly.

Email newsletters

Send email newsletters directly to your members in just a few clicks and keep everything all in one place.


Apps & Services

Bponi Shop is compatible with just about every third-party app and service out there. A handful are built-in by default, while others can be configured manually.


Thanks to Zapier, Bponi Shop easily integrates directly with over 5,000 apps and services to trigger powerful and sophisticated automations and workflows.


Send notifications to Slack every time a new post is published, along with custom metadata to populate a custom rich Slack unfurl from the message. Never let your teammates miss another post!

Custom Integrations

Having full control over the front-end, coupled with Bponi Shop's JSON API and a number of useful webhooks, creating custom clientside integrations is straightforward.

Team Management

Staff Users

Invite multiple team members to help manage your site and create posts, with varying levels of permissions.

Roles & Permissions

Staff user access levels include Owner, Administrator, Editor, Author, and contributor; ranging from trusted to untrusted.

Custom Profiles

All staff users come with custom profiles including name, bio, location, and social accounts to populate author metadata.

User Invitations

Send users invitations to sign up as staff users via single-use email authentication tokens which can be issued and cancelled.

Suspend Users

If a team member leaves, suspend their account to maintain all their content but prevent the user from logging in.



Bponi Shop comes with Vuejs Themes by default which are both surprisingly simple and surprisingly powerful, allowing you to very quickly build out a custom shop.

Viba Default

A beautiful magazine-style theme called Viba is the first theme you'll get familiar with when setting up a new site, acting as a solid showcase for what's possible.

Theme Marketplace

There's a wide range of beautiful pre-made Bponi Shop themes available for free and for commercial purposes highlighted on our exclusive theme marketplace, and available for download.

Custom Themes

Like Bponi Shop itself, themes are free too. Developing new Vuejs themes for Bponi Shop has a shallow learning curve thanks to extensive theme documentation to help you et started.

Automatic Assets

All theme assets are automatically optimised and cached with custom helpers to make sure that performance is always taken into consideration and updates are always processed.

Dynamic Routing

Control exactly how the front end of themes respond to different data structures using Bponi Shop's dynamic routing feature to define custom routes and templates.

GraphQL-like API Helpers

Themes come with built-in helpers to allow you to query the Bponi Shop API for almost any data, using friendly GraphQL-like syntax to filter the results.

Developer API


Bponi Shop is a self-consuming RESTful JSON API at its core and is constructed with a loosely coupled service-based architecture for maximum flexibility.

Detailed Developer Docs

Fully explained concepts, guides, tutorials, API reference, and frequently asked questions are all available within the Bponi Shop Developer Documentation.

Headless CMS

Thanks to its decoupled architecture Bponi Shop functions as a fully headless CMS wherever required, providing content as a service to any app or infrastructure with a selection of powerful SDKs.

Bponi Shop-Admin Client

Out of the box, Bponi Shop comes with a fully-featured Ember.js admin client, however you can easily develop custom admin clients for Bponi Shop to send your own data into the API.

Front-end Agnostic

While Bponi Shop ships with a native Vuejs.js theme-layer by default, it's compatible with any front-end - including Gatsby, Jekyll, Hugo or any other static site generator or mobile application.

Custom Storage Adapters

Bponi Shop's use of local file storage is extensible with custom storage modules for Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Dropbox, and many more.

Choice of Database

With a built-in ORM layer Bponi Shop supports both SQLite in development and MySQL in production with extremely minimal configuration.


A selection of events which trigger events in Bponi Shop allow for external notifications and automations to be triggered when specific actions take place in Bponi Shop.

Powerful CLI

Bponi Shop-CLI is a command-line tool for managing Bponi Shop installations which dramatically cuts down the amount of time needed to install, configure and upgrade Bponi Shop for developers.

Theme Compatibility Scans

GScan is a dedicated tool to scan Bponi Shop themes for forwards compatibility, making it easy to figure out how and what needs to change when there's a major new version of Bponi Shop.

Sensible Versioning

Bponi Shop follows SemVer for release versions, providing developers with a sane, predictable upgrade path. No bloat or stagnation, and no breakneck changes.


A Worldwide Network

The Bponi Shop team and the Bponi Shop community are spread across the world and proudly remote first. There is no physical headquarters, just one large online community.

Major Customers

Bponi Shop users are diverse, from personal bloggers to investigative journalists to some of the world's largest technology organisations. The range of Bponi Shop customers is huge.

Discussion Forum

Used for support but also as a way for Bponi Shop users to talk to one another, the Bponi Shop Forum is the home of all Bponi Shop discussion

Active Social Updates

With over 20,000 followers, our Twitter profile is where you can go to find all the latest news and information directly for and from the community

Import & Export

Content Import

Multiple tools are available to import content into Bponi Shop from: Bponi Shop, WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Medium, Jekyll and most Custom CMS

Image Import

You can import images from any external platform into Bponi Shop and access the media directly from your site.

Bponi Shop Export

All content from Bponi Shop can be instantly downloaded as JSON files (content) and zips of media (themes/images).

Data Access

All content from Bponi Shop can also be instantly accessed at any time from anywhere via Bponi Shop's RESTful JSON API.

Desktop App

Mac, PC & Linux Support

Enjoy full support for Bponi Shop Desktop on all the major desktop operating systems including MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

Multi-Site Managment

Bponi Shop Desktop allows you to manage multiple sites simultaneously in its native desktop user interface, and easily switch between them.

Content Ownership

Your Data, Your Property

You own all of the data that you put on Bponi Shop, whether hosted with us or elsewhere. All content can be exported at any time, without notice.


Bponi Shop is censorship-free open software which actively promotes freedom of speech. We deliberately do not have control over user content.


You can use any sort of advertising on your site if you want to, but we never run any ads against your content or interfere with your site or data.

No Jibber Jabber

We run a fair, honest business. No tricks. No bait and switch. No sleazy sales tactics. Just great software which does what it says it will. As you would expect.

Managed Infrastructure

Bponi Shop

Our fully managed platform-as-a-service (PaaS) makes setting up a new Bponi Shop instance quick and easy, so you can spend more time on your business and less time on your infrastructure.

Our Servers Are Your Servers

We run Bponi Shop using Bponi Shop, on the exact same Bponi Shop infrastructure. We've built our business with $millions in revenue on this platform.

Significant Scale

Bponi Shop serves well over 200million requests each month, including multiple HackerNews frontpage stories each day. We're used to traffic spikes.

High Availability SLA

All our business and enterprise plans come with a 99.9% uptime SLA to guarantee high availability for the customers who need it the most.

Battle Tested

Bponi Shop has been serving some of the largest organisations in the world for over half a decade. This isn't a half-baked startup figuring how to spend its seed round.

No Plugins Needed

Bponi Shop does not rely on any special caching plugins in order to achieve proper performance. It's a properly developed modern application with all performance optimisations built-in.

Powerful Services

The Bponi Shop infrastructure comes as standard with a worldwide CDN, proper load balancing, automatic weekly upgrades, backups, as well as threat and uptime management as standard.


Priority Support

All Bponi Shop customers receive priority email support around the clock directly from the creators of Bponi Shop and can reach us directly on support@bponi.com

Community Support

For users who self-host, Bponi Shop provides a community forum with answers thousands of questions and helpful community members on-hand.


Regular Penetration Testing

Bponi Shop conducts regular penetration testing of its codebase and hosted infrastructure both internally as well as with external consultants.

Automatic SSL

Bponi Shop's CLI tool attempts to automatically configure SSL certificates for all new Bponi Shop installs with Let's Encrypt by default.

Standardised Permissions

Bponi Shop-CLI does not run as root and automatically configures all server directory permissions correctly according to OWASP Standards.

Data Validation & Serlialisation

Bponi Shop performs strong serialisation and validation on all data that goes into the database, as well as automated symlink protection on all uploaded files.

Encoded Tokens Everywhere

All user invitation and password reset tokens are base64 encoded with serverside secret. All tokens are always single use and always expire.

Password Hashing

Bponi Shop follows OWASP authentication standards with all passwords hashed and salted properly using bcrypt to ensure password integrity.

SQLi Prevention

Bponi Shop uses an ORM + query builder and does not generate any of its own raw SQL queries. Bponi Shop has no interpolation of variables directly to SQL strings.

XSS Prevention

Bponi Shop uses safe/escaped strings used everywhere, including and especially in all custom Vuejs helpers used in Bponi Shop Themes

Brute-force Protection

User login attempts and password reset requests are all limited to 5 per hour per IP.

Dependency Management

All Bponi Shop dependencies are continually scanned with NSP to ensure their integrity.

Who is it for?


Designed for modern, independent publishers & journalists.


Focus on your writing with a familiar editor and beautiful admin interface to manage content for professional writers.


The world's best startups use Bponi Shop to power their company blogs and modern brand journalism.

Content Marketers

Explore the content marketing machine you've been waiting for, built for teams who are tired of using broken software.

Newsletter Authors

Bponi Shop makes it easy for newsletter authors to start a professional, premium newsletter.


Podcasters create businesses from their creative work with Bponi Shop's membership and subscription features.

Video Creators

Professional YouTubers and video creators use bponi to build a successful membership business.


Tell your story with the free platform used by thousands of indie makers.


Bponi Shop is used by creators of all kinds to turn any audience into a business, with full ownership of your brand.

Fiercely Independent

Non-Profit Organisation

Bponi is a registered private organisation. We committed to a legal structure which mandates independence.

Sustainable Business Model

Bponi Shop is completely self-sufficient and is funded solely by customer subscription revenue from its Bponi Shop managed service. It has unlimited runway.

Open & Transparent

We build a company we'd want to do business with, sharing all our finances and our story openly.

Privacy First

Bponi Shop has no business of any kind selling or trading private user information with 3rd parties or advertisers.