A suite of modern publishing tools

Bponi Shop is a powerful content platform designed for the future

An extensible rich editor

A familiar editing environment enables a seamless authoring experience that allows you to focus on one thing: creating content. More than just a formatting tool the editor allows you to pull in dynamic blocks of content like images, embeds and videos and Markdown. It’s built on a sane, open-standard which means it’s fully extensible.

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Flexible content management

Robust tagging functionality gives you fine-grained control over the categorisation of your content and a configuration layer called dynamic routing unlocks the power to structure your site content in almost any way you want.

Build any type of category, section, format or flow to adapt to your needs - including custom homepages, URL structures and multi-language content.

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Bponi Shop Mobile
Bponi Shop Mobile
Web native: Fully mobile and desktop ready on any device

Work with your team

Multiples roles for authors, editors and administrators. Invite your whole team to collaborate, with dedicated public user profiles for everyone.

Schedule content in advance New

Queue up your full editorial calendar ahead of time and set your posts to go live like clockwork. Bponi Shop remembers to publish at the right time so you don't have to.

Enjoy simple site editing

Adding a logo, creating navigation menus, and injecting analytics code are all done with a couple of clicks. Save time on all the small changes you make.

Meta Title
Blazing fast mobile performance: Google AMP for Bponi Shop
Recommended: 70 chars
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We've just shipped support for Google Accelerated Mobile pages in Bponi Shop. Now, all of your posts are automatically served with AMP versions. Rejoice!
Recommended: 156 chars
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Blazing fast mobile performance: Google AMP for Bponi Shop
We've just shipped support for Google Accelerated Mobile pages in Bponi Shop. Now, all of your posts are automatically served with AMP versions. Rejoice!

Completely optimised distribution channels

Publish once, distribute everywhere. Your content is set up to be discovered in as many ways as possible by your readers.


Search engine optimisation

Proper SEO built in directly, with semantic markup, permalinks, XML sitemaps, canonical tags and automatic meta data with manual overrides.

Accelerated Mobile Pages New

With integrated AMP support, your site will rank higher and load in a fraction of a second from Google mobile search results.

Detailed structured data

Every post published renders beautifully all over the web, with rich meta tags for Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Cards and Schema.org.

Subscriptions by RSS, Email and Slack

Full RSS feeds, email subscription capture forms and Slack webhook integration are all included by default, and handled for you!

Fully managed platform as a service

Our Bponi Shop service makes your shop stable, secure and fast.

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State of the art, worldwide infastructure

Bponi Shop’s core servers reside securely in Singapore, while our Content Delivery Network distributes your work across a network of 175 data centres worldwide. Your site responds instantly, no matter where your readers are.

Fully managed service

Environment, install, updates, backups, optimisations, all taken care of on your behalf! We lose sleep so you don't have to.

Security taken seriously

Isolated applications, SSL by default, firewalls and spam protection. All threats mitigated by our team whenever needed.

Easy custom domains

Make your site memorable and easy to find with a branded URL. Drop in the domain name of your choice with a few clicks.

Automatic backups

All customer data is continuously backed up to an off-site location, ensuring that you never need to worry about losing content.

Total developer control

Develop your own themes, API integrations, or functionality. There are no restrictions to how you can use Bponi Shop.

Enterprise cloud

Our state of the art cloud ensures that your site always performs at its best, even when you hit the front page of Reddit.