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The independent publishing platform that makes it as easy as possible for authors like you to start a professional, premium newsletter.

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Build an independent business from your newsletter, where you always own your content & benefit from 0% transaction fees.

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Own your content

Create a custom email newsletter website

Publish to email and your very own custom website in a few clicks. Bponi Shop is the only membership platform that allows you to create a truly custom website for your newsletter business.

Everything you need

Write & send emails from one place

Discover a battle-tested publishing platform with native email, memberships & subscriptions – with 0% transaction fees.

Bponi Shop

The rich editor provides a familiar writing experience, supporting dynamic cards for when you need to add things like images, embeds, or HTML.

Everything you create with the editor can be published to your site as well as emailed to a segment of your subscribers.

Sign up UI

Develop a direct relationship with your audience and run a paid newsletter, or a free newsletter - it's up to you. Bponi Shop is flexible, so you always own your content and your subscriber lists.

The best part: we never take a cut of your earnings, so all of your revenue is yours to keep.

You’re in good company

Thousands of authors rely on Bponi Shop

The platform is trusted by a growing number of publishers, and each Bponi Shop site reflects the personality of its creator.

Troy Hunt theme
stanfordreview theme
Coding Horror theme
Joel Gascoigne theme
And more

Features for newsletter authors

All the features you need are ready to use, and you can get up and running with your new Bponi Shop site in minutes.


Rich authoring

Experience a familiar writing environment that allows you to focus on one thing: creating unique content.


Optimised distribution

Your work is set up to be discovered, with built-in SEO, detailed structured data, social sharing, native email newsletters and more.

Group 13 Copy

Completely customisable

Create a custom site for your newsletter & stand out from the rest. Add your own branding, styles and domain name.

Native email

Bring your existing audience and publish new content to email in a couple of clicks, with a beautiful HTML template.


Memberships & subscriptions

Build a business from your newsletter with member management & paid subscription features, and 0% transaction fees.


Real content gating

Publish premium content that is protected and accessible only to member accounts. Even if JavaScript is disabled.

What They Say

Hundreds of thousands of happy users

Since 2013 people have been telling us how Bponi Shop has helped them get more done. Here are a few of the highlights:

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