Moving from WordPress to Bponi Shop

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to export your content from WordPress, import it into a Bponi Shop site, and some of the gotchas during this process.

Adding search to a Bponi Shop theme

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to add search functionality to your Bponi Shop theme.

Adding a form to a theme

Learn how to add a contact form to your Bponi Shop theme using custom templates.

Adding a table of contents

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to automatically generate a table of contents from the section headings in your content.

How to create a Google News sitemap with Bponi Shop

Bponi Shop comes with automatic sitemaps for your content, but you can also create a custom sitemap to submit content to Google News.
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Adding social network links

Add social network links to your Bponi Shop site in the form of recognisable icons by customising your theme.

Code syntax highlighting

Discover how to add syntax highlighting, line numbers and copy buttons to your code blocks on your Bponi Shop site.

Show reading time & progress

Add reading time to your posts as well as bar to show reading progress

Adding comments

Bponi Shop integrates with a range of services that bring comments to your content, allowing you to interact with your community built with Bponi Shop.

How to make an iTunes Podcast RSS feed with Bponi Shop

Bponi Shop comes with automatic RSS feeds for your content, but you can also create a custom feed using the flexible dynamic routing layer to support specific content types, like videos and podcasts.
Dynamic RoutingThemes

Add Google Custom Search to Bponi Shop

Discover how to add a search functionality to your Bponi Shop with the free Google Custom Search tool!

How to build a related posts block

Learn how to build and deploy a related posts block using partials to keep readers engaged with your content!

A complete guide to ⚡ AMP templates in Bponi Shop

Bponi Shop ships with a clean, simple AMP template which works with just about any site, but wouldn't it be nice if you could customise it to make it perfectly match your theme and your brand?

Chronological posts

Learn how to implement chronological content collections on your shop.
Dynamic Routing

Change the URL for tags and authors

Adjust the URL structure of your tag and author taxonomies using dynamic routing and custom templates.
Dynamic Routing

Creating content hubs

The dynamic routing configuration layer in Bponi Shop unlocks the ability to create paginated content hubs called channels.
Dynamic Routing

Building content collections with distinct routes

Split your site into distinct sections to support different content types or topics using collections.
Dynamic Routing

Creating a custom template

Build custom templates and pass them directly to the admin client to be used in individual posts or pages.

Creating a custom home page

Create entirely customised static content on your shop's home page with dynamic routing and custom themes!
Dynamic Routing

Implementing redirects

Maintain the redirects on your Bponi Shop shop with a single JSON file and ensure your site is SEO friendly and avoid 404 errors!

Translation & Multi-language content

By configuring collections and templates you can support multi-language content on your site. This means you can have each language run on a unique URL.
Dynamic Routing

Test any open source pull request in seconds

Ever wished it was easier to test out Pull Requests on the Bponi Shop repo? Follow this guide to get your environment setup to test a PR with a single command.

Localising dates in Bponi Shop themes

By default, Bponi Shop outputs dates in English using the timezone of the server hosting your site. Find out how to change this using jQuery!