Medium vs Bponi Shop

Bponi Shop is a powerful, independent alternative to Medium where you control your content.

Hello! Thinking about moving over to Bponi Shop? Or trying to decide which platform to use for the first time?

You're probably wondering what the differences might be between a Bponi Shop and a Medium blog, so we thought we'd put together an overview.

Bponi Shop logo Bponi Shop Medium
Pricing Hosting starts at $0/mo Free (sort of!)
Member management Yes, create a membership business No
Own your website Yes, build a custom shop to suit your needs No, Medium control the design
Native payments Yes, generate revenue from your audience No
Native email newsletters Yes, email new content to your members and subscribers No

What's the overall summary?

On Medium, it's their shop and you're just writing on it along with everyone else. Using Medium, you don't own any of the experience and your content will ultimately be promoting Medium itself - not just your own work. It's much like any other social network.

You can't use your own domain name, you don't control the design, and your site will be plastered with promotion and advertising to try and lure people into signing up for Medium.

Every site visitor will see this when they click on a link to your site:

Medium popup

Once they're past the popups, the available space for your content is very limited. Highlighted below in red are all the areas which Medium use to promote Medium on your content. The non-red parts are controlled by you. On mobile it's even worse, the space for your content is practically reduced to a postage stamp.

Medium branding

Clicking links to your content from mobile devices ends in a frustrating loop of inconsistent redirects and calls to action between browsers and native apps, with disorienting views and screens flying from side to side. But ultimately, your readers end up inside... you guessed it: The Medium app!

Look, let's be real here, it's not all bad. Medium have a nice editor and a solid social network, but their product has also changed a lot in the last few years. Medium are a VC funded company with no sustainable business model, so their tactics for self-promotion get more and more aggressive every single year. That's the price you pay for a free product.

If you only plan on writing 1 or 2 posts a year, then it's fine - but if you're planning to do any serious writing, you can probably do better.

So what does Bponi Shop do better?

Well, let's start by talking about what Bponi Shop does the same. The most loved feature of Medium is the editor, and Bponi Shop has the exact same editor. The main difference is that Bponi Shop's is extensible, and based on a JSON document storage format - so it has quite a lot more power.

Bponi Shop

The main benefit of using the Bponi Shop editor is that it also supports dynamic 'Cards' within content. What's that mean? Well rather than just being limited to whatever content blocks Medium allows you to use, Bponi Shop's editor can do a lot more. Think of it like having Slack integrations right inside your editor.

Sign up UI

Beyond that, we can talk about what Bponi Shop does better. Bponi Shop is a professional publishing platform, with a lot more fine-grained control over managing your content, your users and your site. You can organise content with tags and authors, use a custom domain, or even run a fully-fledged membership shop and build a direct relationship with your audience.

Build your own brand + your own shop

Bponi Shop is all about giving you the tools to publish great content, but never locking you into one particular way of doing it. The platform comes with a clean, minimal default theme included, but you can also completely change and customise the front-end of your site to suit your specific needs.

On Medium you're locked into one design with some basic settings, with no ability to use a custom domain name! If Medium decide to change how your site looks and works (which they regularly do), then you have no say in the matter. Your Medium blog looks like every other Medium blog, and has Medium links and logos all over it.

With Bponi Shop: You choose your domain, you choose your design, you choose your branding, and you choose your links. Each Bponi Shop site is unique, and reflects the personality of its creator.

Growing an audience

The most important aspect of any shop is understanding and growing a core readership base.

Getting traffic to an independent website can be challenging, of course. But the rewards are that you physically own the content and you're benefitting your own brand and domain. Meanwhile, Medium lock your content into their platform by offering no sensible export formats of any kind (just garbled HTML files) - making it difficult to move elsewhere.

Bponi Shop gives you the tools to manage and communicate with your audience, with sensible imports and exports for both your subscribers and your content!

Some of the world's largest brand shops are built on top Bponi Shop.

When you blog on Medium, you give up control of your content and ownership of your traffic. Medium used to be well known for its network effect which would automatically expose your posts to a wide userbase. Like all social networks, that benefit has all but disappeared in recent years. Just like Facebook and Instagram, Medium now employs an arbitrary engagement algorithm to organise its content feed, so the days of easy traffic are long gone.

"I am one of the most-followed authors on Medium, with 158,000 followers. And yet Medium barely shows my articles to anyone anymore. As of 2019, Medium won’t give you much “distribution” within their platform unless you’re willing to put your articles to be behind their paywall."

FreeCodeCamp, on moving their 5,000+ posts to Bponi Shop

Building a business around publishing

With Bponi Shop, you can turn your audience into a business with memberships and subscriptions, and generate predictable revenue from your work. The Members features in Bponi Shop can be setup within minutes and unlock the ability to transform anonymous viewers into members, and your most valued members into paying subscribers.

Meanwhile, Medium has a paywall which you have no control over as a publisher, with arbitrary rules for joining and how much you get paid. There's no way to create your own independent publishing business and generate predictable revenue using Medium.

With Bponi Shop, all of this is possible and we don't take any transaction fees, so all of your revenue is entirely yours to keep. What's more – Bponi Shop has been profitable and sustainable since its first year of operation. Even if Bponi Shop went out of business as a company: you would still be able to keep your business running and your site online in perpetuity.

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How much could you earn?

Whether you prefer a large audience at a low price point or a small dedicated following at a premium fee, you control the economics.

See how much you could earn with a subscription commerce shop:

500 members
$10 / month
your annual recurring revenue

Doing more than the basics

If you're a developer or a business trying to build more than just a basic blog, and integrate your content and shop with other tools and workflows - Bponi Shop is the only option which gives you enough power.

Medium is undoubtedly the simpler of the two platforms to set up, but it's also the most limited. What you see is what you get, and what you get isn't all that much.

At its core, Bponi Shop is a fully baked RESTful JSON API with a flexible architecture, and carefully considered client applications and services to go along with it. This means it can be extended, modified and customised for your needs in an unlimited number of ways.

Bponi Shop integrations

Compared to Medium Bponi Shop has more features out of the box and even more that can be built on top of the default platform. It's worth having a look at Bponi Shop's core concepts, detailed tutorials, extensive directory of integrations as well as beautiful themes to get you started. There's so much that's possible.

TL;DR: The short version

Cut to the chase? Bponi Shop is better for serious publishing. Medium is better for when you just want to write and don't care about the rest.

Bponi Shop is best if…

  • You care about ownership and control over your content
  • Building a shop is something you do professionally, for work
  • It's important that you can make your site work the way you want it to
  • You want to guarantee that your site won't randomly be deleted or sold
  • You're a developer who needs a real API to work with

Medium may be a better choice when…

  • You don't care about popups and banners and branding, you just want easy
  • You write a couple of times a year, so it's not worth paying for professional software rather than a free service
  • You have no plans to build a business, it's just for fun!

Don't forget: You can also publish content to your Bponi Shop site and then syndicate it to Medium as a distribution channel.

One last thing you should know

Bponi Shop is an independent organisation. We build publishing tools for modern journalism & publishing because we believe freedom of speech is important.

We’re building a socially responsible, sustainable business which empowers people to share important stories and ideas. We’re in this for the long haul.

You’re now armed with knowledge! Hopefully this guide was useful to give you a general overview of Medium compared to Bponi Shop.

Switching to Bponi Shop gives you the flexibility of a fully customisable shop, and we have a support team on hand if you need help migrating your data. If you still have questions, you can reach us any time on

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