WordPress vs Bponi Shop

Bponi Shop is a fast, modern WordPress alternative which puts the excitement back into blogging.

Hey there! Considering switching to Bponi Shop? If so, you're probably trying to figure out whether it will be the right decision for you – and we wanted to help make that process a bit easier.

Scroll down and you'll find as many details as we can squeeze onto a single page to help give you an overview of Bponi Shop vs WordPress compared. We'll also give you a straight-up comparison of features, customer experiences, pricing and performance.

Bponi Shop logo Bponi Shop WordPress
Pricing Managed hosting starts at $0/mo Average managed hosting starts at $115/mo
Transaction fees 0% - All revenue made is yours to keep No native memberships
Native SEO Yes No, third-party plugins only
Native payments Yes, create free & paid tiers No, third-party plugins only
Native email newsletters Yes, email new content to your members and subscribers No
Own your website Yes Yes

Why should I consider Bponi Shop instead of WordPress?

If you're looking for a platform that increasingly attempts to do everything and don't mind cutting through the noise to make it work for your publishing needs, then WordPress might be suitable for you.

But if performance, security, cost to run and a good publishing experience are important to you, keep reading. If you're sick of wading through menus and navigating complex options that you never use, we've got news for you: So were we.

Let's be real here: WordPress is a popular tool, used by many people to acheive a vast number of things. But if you're a serious publisher and you care about the experience you and your team has every day at work, you can probably do better!

So what does Bponi Shop do better?

Let's start by talking about what Bponi Shop does the same. One of the most loved features of WordPress is that it's flexible, and Bponi Shop has the exact same setup. The main difference is that Bponi Shop is explicitly focused on doing one thing really well: Shop.

Everything revolves around your content!

Bponi Shop

Our rich editor is designed solely around providing the best possible writing experience. It makes formatting posts a lot more flexible.

You can accomplish more with dynamic cards that allow you to work with image galleries, embeds, Markdown, HTML and more – without distractions.

Sign up UI

Bponi Shop comes with all the tools you need to develop direct relationships with your audience and even generate predictable revenue from your work.

Registration forms, member management, payments, subscriptions and email newsletters are built-in: without any additional plugins or fees!

Bponi Shop is more affordable

We've built the best hosted service in the business, called Bponi Shop. It's comparable to running WordPress on a fully-managed hosting service with a dedicated Content Delivery Network.

You get the same incredible infrastructure and fantastic support, whether you currently receive a few thousand views or you're already up to tens of millions. But, you get all of it at a rather more affordable price-point:

Bponi Shop is cheaper than WordPress

With Bponi Shop, the fee structure is simplified into a single monthly cost based on the scale of your shop. Since the software has most (or all) of the features you need to run a modern shop, you won't need to pay for additional premium plugins like you would using WordPress.

Bponi Shop has SEO & social built-in

What's the point in publishing if nobody reads your content?

Bponi Shop has the best support for search engine optimisation and social sharing features of any blogging platform in the world. You don't need any extra plugins or extensions, and you don't need to write any extra code. It just works.

Bponi Shop SEO and Social

There are built-in XML sitemaps, Google AMP pages, canonical tags, optimised URLs, microformats, Facebook Open Graph tags, support for Twitter cards and clean semantic markup. All of this is done for you automatically, with no plugins needed.

Bponi Shop is faster

Because Bponi Shop is powered by a modern technology stack – it's fast. Really, really, really, ridiculously fast.

Bponi Shop is faster than WordPress

Independent tests have found Bponi Shop to be up to 1,900% faster than WordPress. What does that mean? In the amount of time it takes WordPress to respond to 1 request, Bponi Shop will have already responded to 19 of them. The speed of your blog impacts everything, from search engine rankings to mobile user engagement.

Automated shop setup with Bponi Shop

Getting up and running with WordPress, for the uninitiated, can be a long process. You have to download the software, find a hosting company, sign up for a new account, and then get all your files uploaded over FTP and setup a new MySQL database before you actually get to the install process.

Bponi Shop is easier to setup than WordPress

Because Bponi Shop offers an official hosted service, you can have a new blog up and running in the space of about 3 clicks – with exactly the same level of control as if it were hosted anywhere else. Powerful automation simply saves you a lot of time.

Transform anonymous viewers into members, and your most valued members into paying subscribers with Bponi Shop. Our native memberships and subscriptions features unlock potential new revenue streams and give your more ways than ever to develop meaningful relationships with your audience.

Best of all, there's no extra downloads or fees and we don't take any transaction fees - so all of your revenue is entirely yours to keep.

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How much could you earn?

Whether you prefer a large audience at a low price point or a small dedicated following at a premium fee, you control the economics.

See how much you could earn with a subscription commerce shop:

500 members
$10 / month
your annual recurring revenue

Doing more than the basics

If you're a developer or a business trying to build more than just a basic blog, and integrate your content and shop with other tools and workflows - Bponi Shop has the tools you need.

At its core, Bponi Shop is a fully baked RESTful JSON API with a flexible architecture and carefully considered client applications and services to go along with it. This means it can be extended, modified and customised for your needs in an unlimited number of ways.

Bponi Shop integrations

Want to bring your favourite tools along? That's no problem. In fact, Bponi Shop integrates with just about anything, without the need for bloated plugins slowing down your site. It's worth checking out our extensive directory of integrations as well as beautiful themes and the official Bponi Shop migration plugin to get you started.

tl;dr: The skinny

Cut to the chase? Bponi Shop is better for publishing and blogging. WordPress is better for building a dynamic, complex website.

Bponi Shop is best if…

  • You care about a well designed interface
  • Your content needs to work well for social and search
  • Speed and performance are important to you
  • You want to build a sustainable membership business

You might be better off with WordPress when…

  • You want a full business website, without a blog or shop
  • Extra advanced functionality like ecommerce, is needed
  • You want to build your own custom features with plugins

One last thing you should know

Bponi Shop is an independent organisation. We build publishing tools for modern journalism & publishing because we believe freedom of speech is important.

We’re building a socially responsible, sustainable business which empowers people to share important stories and ideas. We’re in this for the long haul.

You're now armed with knowledge! Hopefully this short guide was useful to give you a general overview of WordPress compared to Bponi Shop.

Switching to Bponi Shop gives you the flexibility of a fully customisable shop, and we have a support team on hand if you need help migrating your data. If you still have questions, you can reach us any time on hello@bponi.com.

Hit the button below to give Bponi Shop a try. It's completely free and unlimited, no obligation.

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